Welcome Home

The History

Period Architecture Limited was incorporated in the UK in October 2012 as a design business with a more intelligible name during phone conversations than our paternal brand - The Petrarch Foundation. Birthed on the 16th of August 1992 primarily as a ministerial & charity establishment The Petrarch Foundation continues to be a voice via http://thepetrarchfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/ while being the parent to other subsidiary companies and ministerial charities. One of such is De Petrarch Company DPC, the design and architectural firm incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria at the start of the Millennium. Projects undertaken by DPC to date range from small scale graphics design to city scale 3D master planning. Today, Period Architecture Limited draws on the combined strength of DPC and their parent foundation and has been fully operational in the UK delivering impressive design services regardless of scale, scope or cost. The tradition for all design projects remain the same - welcome home